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En/doc/ Kompilasi Hukum Islam-


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ORIGINAL ARTICLE Interreligious Marriage In The Kompilasi ... | Visit

Corresponding Author: Dr. Widyawati, Faculty of Shari'a and Law Sunan Gunung Djati ... Dr. Widyawati, Interreligious Marriage In The Kompilasi Hukum Islam: A ...

Inheritance and Islamic Law - Law & Sharia Consultants | Visit

Untitled Document. Inheritance ... Inheritance rights are crucial for Muslim women because distribution and control of property and assets ...... The Indonesian Kompilasi Hukum Islam (Compilation of Islamic Laws) provides for representation of.

the islamic legal system in indonesia - Gallagher Law Library | Visit

Court.pdf (recounting the creation and early record of the Constitutional Court). ..... Kompilasi Hukum Ekonomi Syariah [Compilation of Islamic Finance Law], Sup  ...

Download (445Kb) - Universitas Sebelas Maret | Visit

Hukum Perdata dan Hukum Waris Islam adalah betul-betul karya sendiri. Hal-hal ... data used was documentary study with content analysis technique. The result of ...... 5) Inpres Nomor 1 Tahun 1991 tentang Kompilasi Hukum Islam. b.

Download PDF - Sisters In Islam | Visit

Prospects for reform. Examples of reform from Muslim countries around the world ...... document entitled Kompilasi Hukum Islam (Compilation of Islamic Laws).

Final Report Islam Research Programme Jakarta - here | Visit

Kompilasi Hukum Islam, which is considered as a step towards further codification of Islamic law at a national level. Not only at a national level but also at a local ...

Plurality of marriage law and marriage registration for Muslims in ... | Visit

The Kompilasi Hukum Islam and legal practice in the .... pdf/ Islam__Gender_and_Formal_Sharia.pdf>, last accessed on 15 April 2010. 39 It concerns the ...

IJCA - Seventh Issue - The International Association for Court ... | Visit

embodied in the state-sanctioned Kompilasi Hukum Islam (Compilation of ..... the failure to obtain legal documentation in relation to marriage and divorce is ...