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Moral Identity, Moral Functioning, and the Development of Moral ... | Visit

We review how the construct of the moral self has arisen within moral develop- ..... Recent research has attempted to document the social-cognitive dimen-.

Perspectives on Applied Ethics - DiVA | Visit

Moral Principles and Justification in Applied Ethics......................... 52 ... I agree with many of the theses and observations in his arti- cle, but still I think there .... quired of a good doctor, etc.2 I.e. important questions seem to be nor- mative ones.

The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility - Rohan | Visit

our goal will be to isolate the ethical or moral component of CSR and relate it to perspectives ..... made a living document to protect shareholders' and others'.

GARY J. BASS Jus Post Bellum - Princeton University | Visit

not yet fully come to terms with which of these arguments are morally ... postwar justice, see James Turner Johnson, Morality and Contemporary Warfare (New.

Perspectives from South and East Asia on clinical and research ... | Visit

Mar 9, 2014 ... Indian philosophies, belief systems, and moral values”. (Kumar et al., 2008; ..... of Hinduism, Arti Dhand suggests that in the social world, there is no ... not trust medical professionals and only 25.9% of doc tors felt that patients ...

Filsafat, Etika, dan Kearifan Lokal untuk Konstruksi Moral Kebangsaan | Visit

konsep moral bisa dianggap sebagai filsafat atau etika atau kearifan lo- kal atau ...... Makalah Untuk Lokakarya Pembangunan Hukum Nasional ke. VIII di Bali ...

Equity in development: Why it is important and how to achieve it ... | Visit

Equity comes from the idea of moral equality, that people should be treated as ..... then seen only briefly by the doctor and not given sufficient medicine to fully ...

Storytelling as a Teaching Method in ESL Classrooms - DiVA Portal | Visit

Goldberg also said that facts and experience in moral life are not waiting in forms of ..... When you go to the doctor's, (sometimes you are sick)… and you need to ...