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Moral Courage: A Virtue in Need of Development? - American ... | Visit

Applied Ethics in Nursing (2006). This is the first of two arti- cles on moral courage. The second article in June will focus on the application of moral courage in ...

GARY J. BASS Jus Post Bellum - Princeton University | Visit

not yet fully come to terms with which of these arguments are morally ... postwar justice, see James Turner Johnson, Morality and Contemporary Warfare (New.

ICU Psychosis and Patient Autonomy: Some Thoughts from the Inside | Visit

to get at the right solution to some moral quandary is from above and below— from .... paranoid delusions—typically of a nurse or a doctor trying to rape, murder , ...... access to a medical school library, no special fear of technical academic arti -.

Are Catholic Colleges Leading Students Astray? - The Cardinal ... | Visit

Leading Students Astray? A nationwide survey raises concerns about the impact that American colleges have on the faith and morals of Catholic students. 38.

Basic Human Values | Visit

and consumer behaviors, moral, religious and sexual behavior, autocratic, independent and dependent behavior, choice of university major, occupation and  ...

model moral dan kepatuhan perpajakan: wajib pajak orang pribadi | Visit

memandang bahwa pemerintah perlu mempertimbangkan teori-teori ... Kala kunci: moral pajak, kepatuhan pajak, wajib pajak orang pribadi, variabel ...

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - United Nations ... | Visit

order (ordre public), public health or morals or the rights and freedoms of ..... present Covenant, or of a State Party which has not made a declaration under arti .

Download PDF | Visit

Arti- cle 11(4) restricts "propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among .... http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/34/a34res180.pdf (last visited Mar. ...... they be private or public, legal, political, economic, social, cultural, moral or judi- cial.