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Moral Identity, Moral Functioning - University of Notre Dame | Visit

Moral Development as Ethical Expertise Development. 258. 5.1. ..... Recent research has attempted to document the social-cognitive dimen- sions of moral ...

The Developing Mind - Zero to Three | Visit

May 5, 2008 ... 13), document how infants' ..... mother has also discussed the child's feelings in a manner that conveys a moral lesson but also ..... In this arti-.

Moral Luck - University of Colorado Boulder | Visit

Kant believed that good or bad luck should influence neither our moral judgment ... The latter may be present in addition to moral judgment, but when we blame.

Cultural Relativism - EBSCO | Visit

different kinds of relativism—epistemological, moral, cultural, cognitive—they all .... observe and document such customs, explanations need to be grounded by ...

Rights of the Pregnant Child vs. Rights of the ... - Boston University | Visit

Jun 4, 2004 ... Nations Charter constitute the moral and political basis for the specific ... the Rights of the Child, a non-binding document that called on state gov- ...... records more clearly record the reasoning, grounded in Convention arti-.

black's law dictionary - National Liberty Alliance | Visit

to practice law, and that usually turns upon whether he has committed or is likely to continue to commit acts of moral turpitude. At the time of oral argument the at-.

The Counter-Enlightenment | Visit

that moral and political values, and in particular justice and social arrangements in .... His revolutionary move is to have denied the doc- trine of a timeless .... his contrast between natural self-expression and the crippling arti- ficiality of social ...

New Directions in Planning Theory - Harvard Graduate School of ... | Visit

AUTHOR'S NOTE:I thank Frank Fischer for helping me clarify the ideas presented in this arti- cle, even .... a tendency to substitute moral exhortation for analysis. ..... pants to a document does not necessarily mean that anything will happen.