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En/pdf/ Arabic Proficiency Test-


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The Arabic Proficiency Test (APT) is designed to distinguish various levels of proficiency ... Arabic, you are encouraged to go as far as you can with the test.

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proficiency tests in modern foreign languages. This document has several major sections. The first and second sections give an overview of the Arabic CAP ...

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Feb 27, 2013 ... Prepared By: Evaluating Arabic. Speaking Proficiency: A New FBI Protocol. Maria M. Brau, Ph.D., Chief, Language Testing and. Assessment ...

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Testing Arabic Speaking Proficiency at the FBI. ECOLT 2012 – November 2 – ILR Panel. Language Testing and Assessment Unit. Federal Bureau of ...

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The first section of the study guide is available in a separate PDF file. ... The content covered by the Target Language Proficiency (TLP) tests for languages.

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Standard Arabic, that evaluates test-takers' fa- cility in listening and ... example, the standard oral proficiency test used by the United States ... dard Arabic and introduce the test construct (i.e., what the test is ..... TestValidation.pdf. Hagen Soltau ...

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Sep 11, 2011 ... ATS Admission Requirements for Teaching Arabic Language Certificates. • All applicants to CCTAFL are required to sit for Proficiency Test in ...

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purpose; one test was in Arabic and the other was in English. The data was .... writing ability in L2 (English) and L1 (Arabic) and whether the proficiency in.