En/pdf/ Cocaine One-hitter-

En/pdf/ Cocaine One-hitter-


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Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade - Vietnam Veterans of ... | Visit

This document contains over 2,300 street terms that refer to specific drug .... Bing -- Enough drug for one injection ...... Hitter -- Little pipe designed for only one hit.

School Incidents - Illinois State Police | Visit

intimidation incidents, drug related incidents, and firearm incidents which have occurred in .... The coach discovers two one-hitter pipes in the backseat of the.

Alexander Prieve - Department of Justice | Visit

Wisconsin, the defendant did possess drug paraphernalia, to wit: a one-hitter, used to ... CI 515 was in contact with the defendant and could buy cocaine from the ...

Estimating the size of the global drug market - RAND Corporation | Visit

This PDF document was made available from www.rand.org as a public ... private organisations which are involved in one way or another in tackling the drugs ...... consumption via other mechanisms (e.g., bongs, pipes, blunts, one-hitters). Our.

David Mark Frentz v. State of Indiana - IN.gov | Visit

May 31, 2013 ... that the intruders had broken into the house, that one of the intruders was ... residue in a one-hitter above the refrigerator, as well as methamphetamine ... toxicology exam revealed traces of ephedrine and cocaine metabolites ...

David Mark Frentz v. State of Indiana | Visit

Oct 31, 2007 ... denying Frentz's motions to sever the drug possession counts from the .... Police also found cocaine residue in a one-hitter above the ...

seven case studies of people with substance ... - CNS Productions | Visit

they are also doing cocaine if it hasn't been mentioned anywhere in the case. Use only ..... Of the drugs she is abusing, which one(s) pose more of a danger to withdraw from? Why? 3. ..... 'ten hitter,' could you tell me what that term means." 6.

“civilizing” drug paraphernalia policy: preserving our ... - NYU JLPP | Visit

considered to be drug paraphernalia.2 Susan Hargrove, the store's manager ... “ One hitters” are “wooden boxes which typically contain enough marijuana for.