En/pdf/ Cocaine One-hitter-

En/pdf/ Cocaine One-hitter-


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Title 9 Chapter 53 - Drug Paraphernalia - City of St Charles IL ... | Visit

Page 1. DRUG PARAPHERNALIA. 9.53-1. Chapter 9.53. DRUG PARAPHERNALIA. Sections: 9.53.010. Findings ... One hitters and dugout storage containers.

Alexander Prieve - Department of Justice | Visit

Wisconsin, the defendant did possess drug paraphernalia, to wit: a one-hitter, used to ... CI 515 was in contact with the defendant and could buy cocaine from the ...

School Incidents - Illinois State Police | Visit

intimidation incidents, drug related incidents, and firearm incidents which have occurred in .... The coach discovers two one-hitter pipes in the backseat of the.

David Mark Frentz v. State of Indiana | Visit

Oct 31, 2007 ... denying Frentz's motions to sever the drug possession counts from the .... Police also found cocaine residue in a one-hitter above the ...

CLEANUP HITTERS - Faculty of Arts & Sciences | Visit

Apr 18, 2005 ... HITTERS ... One young man leads another to a toilet .... new era of “clean living” in baseball, driving out alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, ...

University Residences Conference Regulations - College of ... | Visit

1. All youth attendees must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws .... The Purdue University Residences policy toward illicit drugs is one of ZERO ... such as bongs, rolling papers, deseeding trays, roach clips, one hitters, etc.

David Mark Frentz v. State of Indiana - IN.gov | Visit

May 31, 2013 ... that the intruders had broken into the house, that one of the intruders was ... residue in a one-hitter above the refrigerator, as well as methamphetamine ... toxicology exam revealed traces of ephedrine and cocaine metabolites ...

June/July News Letter - Flying Dust First Nation | Visit

2 days ago ... July 1. Canada Day. July 2 NAIG Lance Run. July 3-4 Boys Axe ... laws regarding Drugs, Dogs, Illegal Dumping, Noise and Good Neighbor.