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Oct 1, 2014 ... “Mapo”,“Koha Jone” and “Gazeta SOT” newsletters wrote in ... On 1st October 2014 “Gazeta SOT” newsletter covered the participation of the ...

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were: Shekulli, Korrieri, Panorama, Gazeta Shqiptare, Tema, Koha Jone, ... TV, TV Koha, News 24 TV, Telenorba Shqiptare, Shijak TV, and Alsat TV. One.

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including Nikolle Lesi, publisher of the daily Koha Jone, and Erjon Brace, editor .... Gazeta Shqiptare, a daily newspaper first published before the Second World  ...

Media Ownership and its Impact on Media Independence and ... | Visit

The publishing group Koha owns the daily Koha Jone and the ... Gazeta Shqiptare, Radio Rash,  News , and Balkanweb, an online news agency. The.

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Newspaper Koha Jone. Topi–Crisis, the government should take measures ... Newspaper Gazeta Shqiptare. The President participates at the 90th Anniversary  ...

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Number of articles consulted: 91 (Koha Jone-30; Gazeta. Panorama-30; Zeri I ... reached as the Prime Minister of Albania.7 Koha Jone, the Demo- cratic Party's ...

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Mar 25, 2005 ... “Dini, this great anti-Albanian” said Koha Jone commenting on his visit to Tirana17. “Blind Dini” said Gazeta Shqiptare18. The only neighbour ...

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day, followed by Gazeta Dita with up to 3,300 copies and Shekulli with up to .... he started Koha Jone, one of the best-selling newspapers in the 1990s, and later  ...