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PDF (195.3 KB) - Genetics Selection Evolution | Visit

bovine dermatophilosis / BoLA / MHC / MAS / Brahman zebu. ∗. Correspondence and ... of DRB3.2 alleles and the DQB allele in a unique BoLA class II haplotype, which constitutes a .... To access this journal online: www.edpsciences.org.

PDF (121.1 KB) - Genetics Selection Evolution | Visit

peptide binding affinity to bovine MHC (BoLA), various self peptides (BoLA-DQ and fibrinogen fragments) and ... purified BoLA-DRB3*2703 in the presence of various concentrations of competing peptides. ...... To access this journal online:.


Ehimen O.R., Bola A. - Cybercrime in Nigeria. Okonigene Robert Ehimen, Adekanle Bola ... Business Intelligence Journal - January, 2010 Vol.3 No.1. 94.

Psychosocial treatment, antipsychotic postponement, and low-dose ... | Visit

6months) contribute to the identification of medication-free responders (Bola,. Lehtinen ..... The Journal 0/Ner....ous and Mental Disease, 194( I 0),. 732-739. Bola ...

North American Terrestrial Ecoregions—Level III - Commission for ... | Visit

This background paper (metadata for electronic information product) was prepared under CEC project 2007.,. Building Local Capacity for Integrated ...

Phase Separation in Binary Mixtures of Bipolar and Monopolar Lipid ... | Visit

bolalipid, were used in NMR experiments to obtain structural information for the mixtures. The 2H ... Biophysical Journal Volume 97 November 2009 2700–2709  ...

Risk assessment guidelines for diseases transmitted on aircraft | Visit

For each journal article describing an event, three scientific staff members completed a questionnaire and assessed the article, using our evidence criteria ( see ...

Problemas fítosanitarios de la especie Pinus radiata D. Don en ... | Visit

formando una bola. Estos bolsones ac- túan a modo de acumuladores ...... Pinus radiatain New. Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science. 14 (1): 23-40.