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Ecological Indicators journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/ecolind ...... We thank Victor Utreras (Ecuador), Jaime Bola ˜nos. (Venezuela), Freddy .... Utreras, V., 2011. Caracterización de la pesca de grandes bagres en el alto río Napo.

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Summary of articles published in Journal of Volleyball Sciences .... Mots clés : volley, analyse cinématique en 3D, examen manuel des extrémités supérieures,  ...


Ehimen O.R., Bola A. - Cybercrime in Nigeria. Okonigene Robert Ehimen, Adekanle Bola ... Business Intelligence Journal - January, 2010 Vol.3 No.1. 94.

Factors Involved in Outcome and Recovery in Schizophrenia ... | Visit

Carpenter et al., (1997) and in an important article by Bola ... The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease • Volume 195, Number 5, May 2007. 406 ...

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Centre de Recherches zootechniques, F 78350 Jouy-en-Josas. * Immunogenetics ... Evidence for a close linkage between BoLA and the M blood group system.

The 2014 Ebola virus disease outbreak in West ... - API infectologia | Visit

... in laboratory-infected. Journal of General Virology (2014), 95, 1619–1624 ..... agency Plan en Guineé worries that EVD may already have spread further within  ...

Physical actions and work-rest time in men's beach volleyball - SciELO | Visit

foi avaliar o número de contatos com a bola, saltos, ataques, tempo de trabalho e descanso em ... Resumen—“Acciones físicas y tiempos de trabajo-descanso en voley-playa masculino. ..... International Journal of Performance Analysis in.

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Study on the association of BoLA-DRB3.2 alleles with clinical mastitis in ... BoLA- DRB3.2 allele frequencies were found between the selection groups. Alleles *13 ... Journal compilation © 2007 Blackwell Verlag, Berlin • J. Anim. Breed. Genet.