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Learning AZ Correlation Chart - Raz-Kids | Visit


summer reading research summary - Raz-Kids | Visit

slide in literacy skills, children need access to high-quality, supplemental reading ... were conducted to see whether Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids could mitigate.

Raz-Kids and Reading AZ - Learning AZ | Visit

assist students in developing important literacy skills. Two promising programs are. Learning A-Z's Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z supplemental reading programs.

The Effectiveness of Reading AZ and Raz-Kids - Learning AZ | Visit

The Effectiveness of Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids. Educators share their stories about how these websites made a difference for their students. EDDIE. AWARDS.

Reading AZ and Raz-Kids reverse the “summer slide” - Learning AZ | Visit

Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids help at-risk elementary students gain important literacy skills. Conducted during the summer of 2013, the goal of these studies was to ...

Raz-Kids Product Sheet - Learning AZ | Visit

Personalized, Interactive Reading Practice for K–5 Students. Raz-Kids is an award-winning kids' reading resource that provides a library of eBooks and.

With Raz-Kids.com, you can - Adventist Education | Visit

I just wanted to express my thanks for a job well done. My class of kindergarten students LOVE going on Raz-Kids.com. Often, they go there for their free time.

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Raz-Kids Teacher Usernames. Kindergarten. 1 st grade. 2 nd. Grade. 3 rd. Grade . 4 th. Grade. 5 th. Grade lbarrett5. Rearley1. (Mrs. Gower) jcook57 jfrederich.