En/pdf/ Sika Grout 214-

En/pdf/ Sika Grout 214-


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SikaGrout 214 - Sika Chile | Visit

SikaGrout® 214. Mortero para anclaje y nivelación de maquinarias y estructuras. Descripción del. Producto. SikaGrout® 214 es una mezcla en base a cemento ...

SikaGrout®-214 - Sika Singapore | Visit

Product Data Sheet. Edition 2011-10_1 ... SikaGrout®-214 is suitable for the following grouting works with clearance of 10 mm or more: ... (EN 13501-1).

[PDF] Sika Solutions for Construction - Sika Group | Visit

Sika – Global Leader in Speciality Chemicals for Construction Since 1910. 4 ... Sika Solutions for Structural Bonding and Grouting ..... Complies with EN-1279-3.

[PDF] [PDF] | Visit

SikaGrout®-212 expanding, cementitious grout was used for grouting in the ... Sikacrete®-214 was used as free flowing structural micro-concrete for the self ...

Concrete Repair and Protection of Chimneys and Cooling Towers | Visit

Sika Principles in Accordance with European Standard EN 1504. 14. Assessment of Typical .... will move out of place and form voids, suffer grout loss, re- duce cover thickness or ...... SikaGrout®-214 for poured repairs. SikaTop® Armatec- 110.

Waterproofing/Lining of a Storage Tank for Filtered Water, Mining ... | Visit

Sika at W ork. No. 42.10 – December 2010. Tanks. Waterproofing/Lining of a Storage Tank for Filtered ... Reporfiling of concrete: SikaGrout®-214. Coating:.

[PDF] Sika Concrete Handbook 2013 - Sika Group | Visit

214. 10.3. Curing. 216. 11. Standards. 222. 11.1. Standards EN 206-1. 222 ... Beginning with rendering mortar, used for the first time in the waterproofing of the.

[PDF] Sika Solutions for Construction - Sika India - Sika Group | Visit

Sika – Global Leader in Speciality Chemicals for Construction Since 1910. 4. Sika Solutions ... Sika Solutions for Structural Bonding and Grouting. 16. Sika Solutions ..... standards, including ISO EN 12944. .... SikaGrout®-104/214. Shrinkage ...