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TEB Sh.A Annual Report 2012 | Visit

Mar 15, 2013 ... Kosovo. How do we do that? 'Banking' covers a very wide range ... our bankers have to have a broad range of banking knowledge and.

Annual Report 2011 - TEB Sh.A | Visit

Mar 19, 2012 ... of Rule 11 - Reporting of Banks and Kosovar Branches of Foreign Banks authorized ... After only four years of operation in Kosovo, in 2011.

General Terms and Conditions for individual banking ... - TEB Sh.A | Visit

Article 2: Terms and Conditions of Use of Electronic Banking Services. Article 3: Obligations ... Bank of Kosovo or other circumstances beyond the Bank's control.

Announcement on savings and flexible deposit accounts ... - TEB Sh.A | Visit

accounts within this bank. Given the above, the new annual interest rates will be applied as of 10.01.2014, therefore, if any of the TEB SH.A. clients, respectively.

Price List August 2014 - TEB Sh.A | Visit

Corresponding Bank Charges for International outgoing transfers. Price List. COMMISSIONS AND FEES. Account Fee. C/A Maintenance fee. C/A Opening Fee.

Price List April 2014 - TEB Sh.A | Visit

Statement through mail €2.00 e2.oo. Change of Fledge Registratlon NA €20 Fer transatflon. * Cormpmdiug Bank Charges for Internatimul ootgoing trmsfeœ ...

Notification for the sale through public auction Tara - TEB Sh.A | Visit

Aug 19, 2014 ... the special bank account of Private Execution Agent to pay the amount caution/ bail of 10% of the set price for the parcel but not more than ...

Notification for the sale through public auction Univers - TEB Sh.A | Visit

Aug 18, 2014 ... starts in the special bank account of Private Execution Agent Fadil Hoxha to pay the amount caution/bail of 10% of the set price for the parcel ...