En/pdf/ Text Takbir Raya-

En/pdf/ Text Takbir Raya-


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Translation Of Takbeer-Ul-Eid. Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Great, There is no Deity but Allah. Allah is Great, Allah is Great, and praise is due to Him.


1. o TEXTS FROM KUMUNl. Po' Mas'u' ..... atau pertemua mengenai perintah nga ndo' diateuh kepado raya' ...... Sesudah takbir, membaca doa iftitah ini sunat.

a translation or to retain the original word demonstrates a strategy of ... | Visit

borrow words from the source language, in order to describe what the text really says. This way, it is ..... Raya,9 and hence it was translatable on that ..... penjelasan (seperti tafsir dan takbir) and (2) penafsimn makna ayat alqumn, mengandnng ...

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pan-Malayan nationalist vision of Melayu Raya [Greater Malaya]4 and an inclination .... of enthusiasm from the audience, accompanied by shouts of 'takbir' and 'Allahuakbar' .... The texts state 'Sila Pijak' [Please step on it!] and 'Jahanam.

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Ayyam-e-Tashriq: The days from 9th to 13th Zilhijja wherein Takbir-e-Tashriq is .... Masjid-ul-Raya: This Mosque is on the way to Jannat-ul-Ma'la. ..... If the Arabic text of the invocations is not safe in memory, their subject matter written in the ...

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abilities such as reading from memory, vocalizing the text correctly accord- ..... from the capital on the eve of '''Idul Fitri'' (Hari Raya) at the end of Ramadan in 1997 ... drumming and chanting of ''Takbir'' celebrations at mosques) enjoyed iden-.

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because the opening takbir is a condition of Salah according to us and is not ..... Kulayb,” and then he mentioned the hadith with its chain and text, and he said:.

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... impian Serbia ke arah pembentukan Serbia Raya yang telah lama dirancang oleh ... semangat dan idea Serbia Raya di Bosnia-Herzegovina,. Slovenia dan ...