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En/pdf/Biblical Meaning Of Names-


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Names Code from Adam to Jesus - Bible Codes | Visit

click here for the Names Bible Code as PDF file.) For printing ... names of the bible read when the meaning of each name is rendered in the order given in the  ...

[PDF] Hebrew Names and Name Authority in Library Catalogs | Visit

Nov 13, 2004 ... Chapter 3 Post Biblical and Contemporary Hebrew names ..... in German and Yiddish names means choice or election while in Polish it means ...

Hitchock's Bible Names Dictionary - Hitchock - Pastor David Cox | Visit

Dec 23, 1999 ... Interpreting Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names" can be found on pages ... It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible-related proper names.

Smith's Bible Dictionary - holyhome.nl | Visit

Oct 30, 2002 ... still is to the Armenians of the present day; but it was an ancient name for a portion of Armenia. In its biblical sense it is descriptive generally of ...

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary - Bridgeway Publications | Visit

First published as Bridgeway Bible Dictionary 2004. ISBN 0 947342 66 4 ... like a 'proper' dictionary, deal with all the words and names in the Bible. But over the ...

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary | Visit

Aaron a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength. Abaddon the destroyer. Abagtha father of the wine-press. Abana made of stone; a building. Abarim passages ...

Biblical - The Baby Name Wizard | Visit

Style Families 225. Brayden. Hayden. Keaton. Kylan. Biblical. Biblical roots are so fundamental to our name culture that this may hardly seem like a style at all.

THEOPHORIC NAMES IN THE BIBLE - Jewish Bible Quarterly | Visit

He made aliyah to Israel in 1971. THEOPHORIC NAMES IN THE BIBLE. HERIBERTO HABER. According to the Greek English Lexicon,. 1 the meaning of the ...