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Modelling non-dust fluids in cosmology | Visit

Dec 5, 2012 ... by the Sir Norman Lockyer Fellowship of the Royal. Astronomical Society, JCH by CONACYT (CVU No. 46280) and KAM is supported, in part, ...

The Poisson equation at second order in relativistic cosmology | Visit

GA-2010-269264) and is grateful to the IA-UNAM, ICN-UNAM, and QMUL for hospitality. JCH is funded by. CONACYT (CVU No. 46280), AJC by the Sir Norman ...

Curriculum Vitae - Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología, UNAM | Visit

Nov 1, 2009 ... 104358 of the 'Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Technologia' (CONACyT), Convenio CB-2008-01. Fondo SEP-CONACYT, Nov 26. Funded from ...

Roger Z. Ríos Mercado - ciidit - Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León | Visit

Currículum Vitae. DATOS PERSONALES. Nombre: SADASIVAN SHAJI. CVU- CONACYT: 286761. Nivel SNI: Nivel 1. Perfil PROMEP: Si. DATOS LABORALES.

Supervised ART2 Neural Network for Pattern Recognition Using ... | Visit

CONACYT (CVU: 167259). Furthermore, it is part of the E-Learning Knowledge: entornos virtuales para el aprovechamiento compartido del conocimiento.

Generalized black diholes | Visit

May 12, 2014 ... checking the accuracy of our results. This work was supported by CONACyT Grant No. 166041F3 and by a CONACyT fellowship with CVU No.

Evaluation of Multimodal Medical Image ... - ResearchGate | Visit

The author was supported by CONACYT studentship (CVU/Becario): 266553/ 218513 for ... a posterior pdf at time k, through a set of test points θ j k. (particles)  ...

HPV infection, risk factors and viral load among Mexican male ... | Visit

Sep 19, 2013 ... ... work was supported by the CONACyT, Grant: SALUD-2004-C01-34 and CVU was the recipient of a master degree scholarship by CONACyT.