En/pdf/Datuk Azhar Mansor-2

En/pdf/Datuk Azhar Mansor-2


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Annual Report - GreenTech Malaysia | Visit

Sep 14, 2011 ... i) Y. Bhg. Datuk Latifah Binti Datuk Abu Mansor ii) En. Azhar Bin Noraini. 4. To re- appoint Messrs MNZWAJ & Associates as auditors for the ...

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Jun 29, 2010 ... ii) Tuan Haji Mohamed Zohari Bin Mohamad Shahrun iii) Y.Bhg Dato' Mohd ... Loo Took Gee (Alternate Director to Dato' Dr. Halim bin Man).

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Diploma of Biochemical Analysis, AL Azhar University 1986. M.Sc. in .... in relation to estrogen receptor". O. EL-Ahmady, S. Eissa and M. Mansour. 2.

Curriculum Vitae - Emory University | Visit

Apr 16, 2013 ... 2. Mansour KA. Acute cholecystitis associated with echinococcal cyst obstruction .... Abdelal A, Azhar A, Swaminathan V, Mansour KA, Nahmias.

15th Annual Conference of the faculty of Medicine for Girls, Al-Azhar ... | Visit

Vice President of AI-Azhar University. [Girls Branch]. Prof. Omar Heikal. Head of Military Medical Academy. Prof. ... Page 2 ... Ahmed Mansour. Prof. Omar Heikal.

Press Release - IPTCNET.org | Visit

PETRONAS,” said Dato' Mohamad Idris Mansor, Director, PETRONAS and Chairman, IPTC Board of Directors. Tan Sri Dato' Shamsul Azhar Abbas, President and CEO, PETRONAS is the Honourable Advisor and ... 31st Floor, Offices 3101/2.

Technical Programme Announced for the Upcoming ... - IPTCNET.org | Visit

Azhar Abbas, President and CEO of PETRONAS as the Honourable Advisor; Dato' Mohamad Idris. Mansor as the IPTC Board Chairman; and three Executive Committee Co-Chairmen, Dato' Wee Yiaw ... Page 2 ...

Annual Report PE2011 - Petronas | Visit

PETRONAS ANNUAL REPORT PE 2011. 2. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. Crude Oil ..... Dato' Mohamad Idris Mansor. Independent Non ... Tan Sri Dato' Shamsul Azhar Abbas was appointed to the PETRONAS Board as Acting. Chairman and as ...