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Apr 8, 2011 ... Koha Ditore, Kosova Sot, Bota Sot, Infopress, Gazeta Express, Lajm, Zëri, ... Kosovanews, Kosova Info, Infosot, Prishtina Press, Kosova Haber, ...

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Koha Ditore, Kosova Sot, Bota Sot, Infopress, Gazeta Express, Lajm, Zëri, Epoka e ... Kosova Info, Infosot, Kosova Haber, TRT Albanian, Ekonomisti, Info Globi, ...

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Newspaper Gazeta Shqiptare. The President participates at the 90th Anniversary of the ... Newspaper Sot. Topi asked the Government to take anti-crisis ...

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Jul 11, 2006 ... on 20 July 2005 in Bota Sot, a Kosovan daily newspaper which is ... by the United States Embassy at Tirana in Albania, at the offices of Gazeta.

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May 25, 2013 ... writing in daily newspaper : `` Kosova Sot ``: `` the schools should not ... shkollat u zhveshën nga elementi pedagogjik?, Gazeta Kosova Sot, ...

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al workers, and people in several other occupations) spent at least 30 ... See V. Shlapentokh, Chitatel i gazeta: chitateli truda (Moscow: Institut konkretnykh sot-.

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http://www.gazetajnk.com/?cid=1,987,7693 Kosova Sot; “Pacolli, skandal pas .... http://www.pips-ks.org/documents/20130704150822500.pdf. 8 Center for ...