En/pdf/New Jersey Income Tax Forms-

En/pdf/New Jersey Income Tax Forms-


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NJ-630 - State of New Jersey | Visit

extension of time will be granted for filing Form NJ-1041 and NJ-1041SB. An extension of time is granted only to file a New Jersey gross income tax return.

NJ-1040 (Booklet) - State of New Jersey | Visit

State of. New Jersey. Division of Taxation. NJ 1040. Rev 5 10/2014. 2014 NJ- 1040. Income Tax Resident Form. For tax year Jan. - Dec., 2014 or other tax year  ...

Instructions for the NJ-1040 - State of New Jersey | Visit

2014 New Jersey Income Tax Resident Return. Located to the right, you will find an insert. If you received a booklet with your name and address preprinted on ...

Form NJ-W4-WT-07 - State of New Jersey | Visit

I claim exemption from withholding of NJ Gross Income Tax and I certify that I ... form each year certifying you have no New Jersey Gross Income Tax liability and.

NJ-1040NR -Non-Resident Income Tax Return - State of New Jersey | Visit

6. Regular. Yourself. 7. Age 65 or Over. Yourself. Spouse/CU Partner. 8. Blind or Disabled. Yourself. Spouse/CU Partner. 9. Number of your qualified dependent ...

Instructions for NJ-1040NR - State of New Jersey | Visit

Use the payment voucher (Form NJ‑1040NR‑V) only if you owe tax on your 2014 re‑ turn and ... 2014 New Jersey Income Tax Nonresident Return. Located to ...

NJ-1040-ES - State of New Jersey | Visit

NJ. 1040-ES. 2015. State of NJ–Div. of Taxation. Revenue Processing Center. PO Box ... your check and is listed first when filing your income tax return. Indicate  ...

Form NJ-2210 - State of New Jersey | Visit

Jan 15, 2015 ... Exception 4 - Tax on 2014 income over 3, 5 and 8-month periods . ... Enter 2013 tax (From Form NJ-1040, Line 44) .