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PDF Hostess specials - PartyLite | Visit

Catalogue Price: 7934959999 ._T'-'l' ųil l v -.„_-- _-_ i-Guest Special Price: Guest Special Price: Guest Special prÍCe: Eī75l€18.90 E16.50/€24.50 í10.50l€15.50.

GUEST SPECIALS - PartyLite | Visit

Sep 1, 2014 ... Exclusive offers for PartyLite Guests. GUEST SPECIALS. SEPTEMBER 2014. * WITH $25 CATALOGUE PURCHASE. *CONDITIONS | Parties ...

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that you have decided to join PartyLite, and will do everything possible to ensure ... price schedules and host rewards set forth in the PartyLite Consultant Guide.

GUEST SPECIAL - PartyLite | Visit

FREE. When you buy one of these popular ESCENTIAL JAR fragrances and any other catalogue item, you'll receive a. 90610615. Geranium Citronella.

“Lite” the Way to a Brighter Career - PartyLite | Visit

world. I love working for PartyLite because of the ... foremost in all the programs that PartyLite offers and can be ... entire catalog of products and decided to host.

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the PartyLite Profit Programme is based on a “2 for 1” horizontal/vertical plan. ... remain the same with PartyLite: our commitment to reward performance and ...

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*Purchase the Best of PartyLite Tote at the special price when your Party has sales of ... Forbidden Fruits by PartyLite™ ... With the New Fall/Holiday Catalog!

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Jul 28, 2013 ... if you are interested in a PartyLite fundraiser, hosting a Party or ... about a PartyLite business that fits your lifestyle, please contact me today.