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Assessment of in vivo microstructure alterations in gray matter using ... | Visit

Oct 24, 2014 ... Methods: DKI was applied to 18 subjects with IGA and to 21 healthy controls (HC) . Whole-brain voxel-based .... cut-off scores for the CIAS, SAS, and SDS were 64, 50, .... SMA, left middle cingulate cortex (MCC), and bilateral.

A Better Characterization of Spinal Cord Damage in Multiple ... | Visit

Apr 11, 2013 ... DKI-derived parameters and measures of cord area and volume; and 4) to .... Statistical analysis was performed by using SAS (SAS Institute,. Cary, North .... the average water diffusion distance is small, but it cannot differ-.

regression_models_for_relative_surv... 105KB Aug ... - Paul Dickman | Visit

Mortality for a specific site generally constitutes only a small fraction of total mortality .... ages for maximum-likelihood estimation, such as the Stata m1 command or SAS PROC .... person-years at risk during an interval is yki =nki − ( wki + dki)=2.

Diffusion kurtosis as an in vivo imaging marker for reactive ... | Visit

Jul 30, 2011 ... Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (DKI) provides quantifiable information on the non- Gaussian behavior of water ..... compatible small-animal monitoring and gating system (SA Instru- ments, Inc. .... of the measures using SAS 9.2.

IBM LTO Generation 4 Encrypting Tape Drive Security Policy | Visit

Jun 1, 2009 ... Interface (SCSI), fibre channel (FC), and serial-attached SCSI (SAS). The physical and ..... (DKi) it supplies the drive to determine the Data Key.

Mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome diversity in East Adriatic sheep | Visit

distance matrix using the SAS package (SAS Institute). .... small clusters: one with DKI, RAI, KRI, DVI and DIC, and ..... %20Grosu%20DAGENE%202010.pdf.

6-Activity of silica fume and dealuminated kaolin - ResearchGate | Visit

N.Y. Mostafaa, S.A.S. El-Hemalyb, E.I. Al-Wakeelc, S.A. El-Korashyc,. P.W. Browna,* a136 .... increase for both low-lime mixes (SFI and DKI) during the first 3 days, then decrease ... the small amount of C-S-H formed, cannot accommodate all the sulfate ions .... the presence of 14 AÊ tobermorite [PDF 29-0331] peaks at.

Potential litterfall of Scots pine branches in southern Finland | Visit

branches varied from 6% to 0.5%, being highest in small trees. ..... function of branch diameter (dki) ... Gauss–Newton method in the nlin procedure (SAS,. 1999).