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En/pdf/Standard Keyway Chart-


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Shaft and Hub Keyway and Key Sizes - Gates | Visit

Apr 3, 2009 ... This PA Note will explain the uses of keys and keyways in pulleys and bushings, and present current industry standards for key and keyway ...

Shaft and Hub Keyway and Key Sizes - Gates Corporation | Visit


Standard Metric and Inch Bores and Keyway | Visit

Standard Inch Series Bores And Keyways ... Keyway. Keyway. Diameter. Nominal Shaft. Bore. Keyway. Keyway .... 4) All dimensions per AGMA 9002-A86.

Specifying Rectangular Keyways - Maryland Metrics | Visit

NOTE: CATALOG DIMENSIONS. Specifying and dimensioning metric keys and keyways varies significantly from the English and American systems. In the English and American sys- tem, it is the standard practice to specify the key size.

Standard Metric Keys & Keyways for Metric Bores with ... - Rexnord | Visit

March 2015 (PDF revision). Telephone: 262-796-4060 Fax: 262-796-4064 www. rexnord.com. Supersedes 07-2006. Key & Keyway Dimensions – Millimeters.

IS 2048 (1983): Parallel Keys and Keyways | Visit

and whereas the attached publication of the Bureau of Indian Standards is of particular ... education and knowledge, the attached public safety standard is made ...

XXXX KeYwaYs | Visit

KeYwaYs. Shaft Keyseats/Hub Keyways. Standard Keyseats/Keyways. Shaft. Size. W width .... Groove dimensions for woodruff keys DIN 6888 in accordance ...

keyway dimensions | Visit

Standard Keyway Dimensions. Shaft Diameter. Set Screw. Width. Depth. Up through 7/16". 8-32. 3/32. 3/64. Over 7/16" to and including 9/16". 10-24. 1/8. 1/16 .