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Telekom Srbija IPTV insights and perspectives - ABC Srbija | Visit

Telekom Srpske. Number of Subscribers: Fixed line: 355. Mobile: 1,344. Internet and Multimedia: 96. Group Total Number of Subscribers: Fixed line: 3,482.

BUSINESS OpEratIONS - Telekom Srbija | Visit

Telecommunications Company Telekom Srbija a.d. and subsidiaries. Introductory note by the .... number of our broadband and IPTV custom- ers already has a ...

summary report - Telekom Srbija | Visit

Telecommunications Company Telekom Srbija a.d. and subsidiaries .... IPTV. 543. 381. 670. 699. The average monthly revenue (ARPU) in the segment of Internet and ..... tem, there were no derogations from the rules en- visaged by the  ...

Telekom from every angle and from every side - Telekom Srbija | Visit

It should be noted that the parent company, Telekom Srbija a.d., is going to face significant ...... IPTV service Video on Demand and content recording, TV.

financial results - Telekom Srbija | Visit

Telecommunications Company Telekom Srbija a.d. and subsidiaries. Basic indicators of .... an League is broadcast via the IPTV system of the. Macedonian ...

Annual business report for 2010 - Telekom Srbija | Visit

Apr 22, 2010 ... The company Telekom Srbija was founded, in June the same year, it is owned by three ... The introduction of 3G technology and ADSL Internet services ...... labour contracts in the Company are as follows: temporary en-.

Uputstvo za instalaciju HD STB-a - Open Telekom | Visit

S-video izlaz. HDMI izlaz. Konektor za napajanje uređaja strujom. RJ45 konektor za povezivanje putem Ethernet kabla sa Telekom ADSL modemom entone™.

TelecommunicaTions in serbia | Visit

Telekom Srbija's IPTV service with a share of 15%. The remainder of the market is divided between Public En- .... cation=/content/assets/research/studies/2011/ 11/final-summary-report-4-feb-2014.pdf/final-summary-report-4-feb-2014.pdf, p. 53 ...