En/pdf/VAT Return Form-

En/pdf/VAT Return Form-


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Value Added Tax Monthly Return | Visit

Total (1+2). OUTPUT ITEMS. (Input Tax Credit not allowable). FORM I. [see rule 7 (1)(a), 7(2) & 7(3)]. VALUE ADDED TAX MONTHLY RETURN. Purchase value.

Germany (EN) - European Commission - Europa | Visit

More detailed information and a number of forms are available on the website of the Bundeszentralamt ... munity/vat_in_EC_annexI.pdf. 9. WHICH ... Tax representatives must submit VAT returns for each calendar year under the separate.

Poland (EN) - European Commission - Europa | Visit

PERIODIC VAT RETURNS . ... information about VAT, tax forms, legal acts, information materials for taxable persons .... munity/vat_in_EC_annexI.pdf. 9.

Slovenia (EN) - European Commission - Europa | Visit

PERIODIC VAT RETURNS. 14 .... VAT identification number, provide the information required in form DDV-P3, which is ... munity/vat_in_EC_annexI.pdf. 9.

Finland (EN) - European Commission - Europa | Visit

PERIODIC VAT RETURNS . ... This website contains all the publications and forms on VAT issued by the Finnish Tax ... PDF . VAT REGISTRATION OF FOREIGN TRADERS. 4. WHAT ARE THE CIRCUMSTANCES GOVERNING THE NEED TO ...

Spain (EN) - European Commission - Europa | Visit

on the application of VAT arrangements in the .... forms currently in use in Spain, download help programmes, submit returns ... munity/vat_in_EC_annexI.pdf. 9.

Italy (EN) - European Commission - Europa | Visit

PERIODIC VAT RETURNS . ... The VAT forms are available in Italian, English and German. 3. WHERE IS IT ... munity/vat_in_EC_annexI.pdf. 9. WHICH ...

Visio-VAT Return Form GRL.vsd | Visit

Value Added Tax Return Form. Please read the notes on the reverse before you complete this form. Supplies of Goods and Services (OUTPUTS). Amount. VAT.