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En/pdf/Whiskey Mash Recipe-


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make moonshine. ... mash in and the vapor is where the alcohol was located. ... This is one recipe that we found; it's called Jack Daniel's Black Label Recipe. It.

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Moonshine, like any other sour mash whiskey, is made by soaking the mash in ... gallons of mash. From: More than Moonshine: Appalachian Recipes and.

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First step is establishing the recipe. We have four grains at our ... To be a rye whiskey, the mash bill must be at least 51% rye. Mash bills vary greatly from rye to ...

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Bourbon Whiskey: This three grain bourbon recipe unabashedly infuses ... 176 Gin: Our 'railroad' gin is distilled twice from corn mash and flavored with juniper, ...

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utilize the original Kerkhoff family recipe – unique for the remarkably high rye ... percent of the mash bill must be rye for a whiskey to legally be called a “rye,” ...

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Mash Bill: 60% Corn, 35% Rye, 5% Malted Barley. Corn ... We have found that cooking the rye at a higher temperature gives the bourbon a smoother flavor.

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in Kentucky. • Whiskey focus: We use alternate grains as well as grains, yeasts and techniques ... Whiskey. • Cocktail spirits focus: We push classic 1800s spirits recipes with ususual but ... o Whiskeys made from both mash & wash o Malts (all  ...

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WHISKEY bourbon from proof mash bill corn/rye/barley/wheat free association . 75 2. Angel's Envy. KY. 86. Unspecified. ... Recipe OBSV. Woodsy, wet soil.