En/pdf/phd Thesis Energy Efficiency In Household Buildings-2

En/pdf/phd Thesis Energy Efficiency In Household Buildings-2


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Primary Energy Efficiency and CO2 Mitigation in Residential Buildings | Visit

Doctoral Thesis 58. Anna Joelsson 1. Primar y Ener g y Efficienc y and CO. 2. Mitiga ... system in the house has a greater effect on the primary energy use than  ...

Building Energy Efficiency - Lund University Publications | Visit

building energy efficiency among practitioners; however, other interpretations are also ... This doctoral thesis analyses the role of policy instruments and policy.

PhD Thesis - ESRU - University of Strathclyde | Visit

effect on improving energy-efficiency in buildings is the formulation of a detailed assessment of its ... 2.3.2 Enlarged three storey building to represent 6 household building. 34 .... 2.11 Demand frequency histogram with the PDF superimposed.

Carbon Efficient Building Solutions - MDPI.com | Visit

Mar 23, 2010 ... to the optimal concept in respect to minimizing green house gases. This paper ... Keywords: energy efficiency; primary energy; building concepts ... EU's total CO2 emissions, including the existing energy conservation in buildings [2]. ..... Ph.D. Thesis; Royal Institute of Technology: Stockholm, Sweden, 1996.

A Design Process Perspective on the Energy Performance of Buildings | Visit

buildings?; (2) How can the handling of energy performance requirements in the design ..... This PhD. thesis reflects a part of my research journey as a postgraduate ..... a typical new detached house, an apartment building and an educational.

Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings - - ETH E-Collection | Visit

companies, institutions, experts, house owners ... dedicate this PhD thesis to my cherished godchild Maurin and especially to my beloved Barbara who ... Marginal costs of energy efficiency - the building owners' perspective. 21. 2.3.1 ... 3.4.2. Optimal timing strategy for building envelope refurbishments within a dynamic.

economic-efficient design of residential net zero energy buildings ... | Visit

Ph.D thesis in Sustainable Energy Systems. ◊◊◊ ... the energy demand and supply of the building: 1) thermal insulation level; 2) thermal inertia level; 3) ... Two case studies, a detached house and a high rise building for three climates each.

An energy efficient building for the Arctic climate - DTU Byg | Visit

This thesis is submitted for the Ph.D. degree to the Department of Civil Engineering at ... The passive house uses the basic idea of a super energy efficient house in ..... buildings together use up to 25% [2] whilst approximately 40 % of the total ...