En/pdf/phd Thesis Energy Efficiency In Household Buildings-2

En/pdf/phd Thesis Energy Efficiency In Household Buildings-2


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Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings - - ETH E-Collection | Visit

companies, institutions, experts, house owners ... dedicate this PhD thesis to my cherished godchild Maurin and especially to my beloved ... 3.4.2. Optimal timing strategy for building envelope refurbishments within a dynamic ... Willingness to Pay for Energy-Saving Measures in Residential Buildings (Banfi et al., 2006). 59.

Smart buildings to improve energy efficiency in the ... - NorTech Oulu | Visit

Aug 16, 2012 ... Antonio Caló, Ph.D. (Physics). Esko Juuso ... The house is modelled to be located in Oulu, and climate data (temperature, wind speed, wind ... 1. Introduction. 7. 2. Energy efficiency in buildings through policy. 11 ..... The work presented in this thesis has been funded by the Pohjoista Oulun Ympäristötili.


In this thesis, criteria for energy efficiency in new residential buildings are ... Sustainable Building Engineering, and a special thanks to fellow PhDs and PhD ..... Such building examples include, e.g. the adobe house [2], the open courtyard.

Approaches to Energy Efficient Building Development ... - DiVA Portal | Visit

This thesis presents a general description of approaches to energy efficient ..... Households. Figure 2. Annual Chinese Investment in Residential Buildings, ...

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building ... - HUD User | Visit

This Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs report benefited from the ... Raphael W. Bostic, Ph.D. ... Section II provides a more thorough overview of these requirements and ...... Using In-House and Professional Expertise To Develop a Plan for Energy Efficiency.

Carbon Efficient Building Solutions - MDPI.com | Visit

Mar 23, 2010 ... Sustainability 2010, 2, 844-858; doi:10.3390/su2030844 sustainability ... to the optimal concept in respect to minimizing green house gases. This paper studies ... Keywords: energy efficiency; primary energy; building concepts ..... Ph.D. Thesis; Royal Institute of Technology: Stockholm, Sweden, 1996. 10.

Energy-Efficient Window Systems - Lunds Tekniska Högskola | Visit

2. Key words window, glazing, low-emittance coating, building, energy de- mand, heating, cooling ... This thesis deals with energy-efficient windows in Swedish buildings. Parametric studies ... use and indoor temperatures of an energy- efficient row-house. Two be- ..... come this far as a doctoral dissertation. I was driven by ...

Primary Energy Efficiency and CO2 Mitigation in Residential Buildings | Visit

Doctoral Thesis 58. Anna Joelsson 1. Primar y Ener g y Efficienc y and CO. 2. Mitiga ... countries, and it is thus important to design energy efficient buildings and energy ... In this thesis, the house owners' economic situation when changing.