En/pdf/phd Thesis Energy Efficiency In Household Buildings-2

En/pdf/phd Thesis Energy Efficiency In Household Buildings-2


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Thesis - Lund University Publications | Visit

building energy efficiency among practitioners; however, other interpretations are also ... This doctoral thesis analyses the role of policy instruments and policy.

A Design Process Perspective on the Energy Performance of Buildings | Visit

buildings?; (2) How can the handling of energy performance requirements in the design ..... This PhD. thesis reflects a part of my research journey as a postgraduate ..... a typical new detached house, an apartment building and an educational.

economic-efficient design of residential net zero energy buildings ... | Visit

Ph.D thesis in Sustainable Energy Systems. ◊◊◊ ... the energy demand and supply of the building: 1) thermal insulation level; 2) thermal inertia level; 3) ... Two case studies, a detached house and a high rise building for three climates each.

Primary Energy Efficiency and CO2 Mitigation in Residential Buildings | Visit

Doctoral Thesis 58. Anna Joelsson 1. Primar y Ener g y Efficienc y and CO. 2. Mitiga ... system in the house has a greater effect on the primary energy use than  ...

Implementation of energy efficiency measures in Swedish ... - DiVA | Visit

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Implementation of ... Mid Sweden University Doctoral Thesis 120 ... energy efficiency in existing Swedish residential buildings. ... to reduce their household energy use, with most of them preferred to undertake .... Majoriteten rekommenderade inte fönster med U-värde <1,2.

Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings - - ETH E-Collection | Visit

companies, institutions, experts, house owners ... dedicate this PhD thesis to my cherished godchild Maurin and especially to my beloved ... Riding Down the Experience Curve for Energy-Efficient Building Envelopes: The Swiss Case for ... 3.4.2. Optimal timing strategy for building envelope refurbishments within a dynamic.

Life Cycle Cost Optimization of a BOLIG+ Zero Energy Building - VBN | Visit

... Energy Building. PhD Thesis defended in public at Aalborg University ... Buildings consume approximately 40% of the world's primary energy use. Considering ... the lack of it to the energy infrastructure, (2) the unit of the balance , (3) the period of ..... What is a better investment: to consider or not energy use for household.

Life Cycle Primary Energy Use and Carbon Emission of ... - DiVA | Visit

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Life Cycle ... but varies with climatic location and the energy efficiency of the building. A concrete-frame ... use for heating. Nevertheless, a passive house standard building with electric ... ii of addition of new buildings to the building stock is low. Different energy efficiency retrofit ...