En/ppt/Characteristics Of Baroque Architecture-

En/ppt/Characteristics Of Baroque Architecture-


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interpret Gothic architecture according to its geometrical design and social ... the course is to analyse the basic features of Baroque religious architecture, its .... gardens, contemporary parks, public spaces) , and make Powerpoint presentation.

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capacity to read Baroque architecture according to the theoretical principles of the age of its origin. Contents: ... The National Style and the ... Presentation,.

The Baroque & Rococo | Visit

display shapes of nature – leaves, shells, scrolls (floral elements) in surface ornament ... The Actions. • Baroque Architecture took cues from Theater Design.

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Meeting Point: Please meet at 09:45 at Oeste 1 Building each day to be escorted to the meeting room. ... (baroque style) the most beautiful one in Madrid... you.

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Researches on the characteristics of baroque. • Study of the history of opera. • Analysis in baroque opera: Architecture, Decoration, Costumes, Stage Craft,.

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and inspired the Amsterdam School style of modern architecture, which ... reception or 800 cabaret-style, and can be subdivided into any number of smaller areas. Also on .... central stage (Powerpoint presentations can be projected onto the ...

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Baroque: Definition. • A period of history. • A description of artistic/musical style after the Renaissance. • Originally a derogatory term ...

Architecture of the 19 century and the Turn of the century | Visit

power. The citizens looked for their new architectural style opposite the Baroque style. The civilian society and arts of the Ancient classical civilizations became ...