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MARS, the EU Crop monitoring and Yield Forecasting Systems | Visit

Nov 29, 2013 ... 2. SWF GEO RTD FS conference - 21 November 2013 – Brussels ... Crop monitoring and yield forecasting. Europe. MARS Bulletins. Ad-hoc assessments. DG AGRI. In Food ... Main purposes: 1) Input for the monthly crop balance sheets (link to AMIS); ... ALTERRA, VITO and METEOCONSULT. MCYFS - a ...

Learn more about the participants - Secure World Foundation | Visit

Dec 5, 2012 ... Page 1 ... Secure World Foundation (SWF) ... Meteo Romania related to rapid mapping, air quality data .... peter.spruyt@jrc.ec.europa.eu.

Agriculture Monitoring: African Perspective - Secure World Foundation | Visit

Nov 21, 2013 ... since 1981 Europe, 1998 worldwide. Agrometeo indicators derived from ... METEO. LEVEL 1. Ground Stations +. ECMWF 50/25/10km grids.

Building a Centre of Excellence for EO-based monitoring of Natural ... | Visit

Jan 13, 2014 ... SWF/GEO Workshop on Natural Disasters Mitigation and Earth Observations ... of S-1, S-2, and future S3, S5P missions (South Easter Europe,.

Past and future scenarios of the effect of carbon dioxide on plant ... | Visit

Jan 29, 2008 ... land surface model (the ISBA-A-gs model of Météo-France) ... Effect of carbon dioxide on plant growth and transpiration. Table 1. .... Vegetation Type Photosynthesis type SWF NL ..... growth in Europe, EFI Proceedings, vol.

A comparison of solar radiative flux above clouds from MODIS with ... | Visit

thermal infrared radiation according to their temperature. .... 1 Shortwave flux ( SWF) at the top of the atmosphere (W/m2): observed (MODIS) (left) and modelled  ...

Project Description | Visit

1. Data Providers / Acquiring. Data about the different technology production is ... The European map is a flash object which represents the countries in Europe who are an active ... View example: http://www.meteo-renouvelable.be b. ... Download a web package (sourcefile + embedscript swf): Click here for the download.

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS_CrowdSource Mapping_web.pdf | Visit

Jul 6, 2011 ... Page 1 ... swf-brussels@swfound.org ... Meteo Romania related to rapid mapping , air quality data integration ... jan.kucera@jrc.ec.europa.eu.