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How to check the optical fiber jumper is qualified?

Author : admin

Date : 2017-09-08

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Plug return loss meter first pass through the light pen measuring jumper is not broken by the general index to determine the optical fiber telecommunication level indicators: insertion loss is less than 0.3dB return loss is more than 45dB.
The performance test of optical fiber jumper is divided into:
1. optical performance test, including back loss / insertion loss test. The tester can use FibKey 7602 return loss / plug loss integration tester.
2., the geometric parameters of the end face are tested, including curvature radius, vertex offset, fiber height, etc.. The tester is an interferometer, and many people test it with NorlandAC/NC3000 or CC6000. Especially because of the superior cost performance of CC6000 interferometer, more and more factories use this instrument.
3. fiber end scratch detection, using video fiber magnifier to observe, such as many factories using FibView FV-400PA for inspection. The instrument gives the clearest image and is extremely simple to operate. Customers also use FibKey-5600 type variable magnifying glass for testing, the instrument set 400 times, 200 times, 80 times magnifying glass in one, can be clearly and conveniently observe the fiber end face and core face. Of course, you can also use the relevant software for automatic inspection.
4. fiber tension test, you need to test the fiber connector can withstand the pull size.
5. environmental temperature test, it is necessary to test the performance of optical fiber connector under different environmental temperature.


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