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Date : 2017-09-08

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Communication cable communication cable is composed of a plurality of: (core) fiber (from a few to thousands of core core) of the cable core and the outer protective layer. With the traditional symmetric copper fiber loop and coaxial copper loop compared to the much larger transmission capacity; attenuation; long distance transmission; small size; light weight; electromagnetic interference; low cost, communication media is the most promising. It is widely used in telecommunication, power, broadcast and other departments of signal transmission, and will gradually become the main body of the future communication network. The main difference between a cable and a cable is that the cable has to be reinforced to withstand the mechanical load of the outside to protect the fiber from a variety of external mechanical forces.

Communication fiber optic cable has larger transmission capacity than communication cable, long relay distance, small volume, light weight, no electromagnetic interference, and so on. There is a tendency to gradually replace communications cables.
Shenzhen Corelle Communications Co., Ltd. specializes in communications fiber optic cables, fiber optic jumpers, optical communications equipment manufacturing and research and development of high-tech enterprises.
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