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Communication cable fault reason?

Author : admin

Date : 2017-09-08

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Reasons for communication optical cable fault:
First, the impact of lightning
Armored cable elements are metal conductor, if the power line short circuit or lightning when metal pieces, would produce a strong current damage to the cable line equipment, even when serious casualties occur.
Two 、 the insulation of optical cable is poor
If there is no good communication optical cable line insulation, then joint box after water or in damp conditions can be due to the operation of the intensity of stress corrosion and static fatigue causes decrease of cable, serious will appear when the cable fault.
Three, the influence of external forces
Line faults are caused by external forces in many cases. As many communication fiber optic cables are laid in the field, the general buried standards are below the formation, so it can not effectively avoid the destruction of many external factors on the optical fiber cable.
Four 、 fault at line joint
In line joint where the most prone to failure, this is because the optical fiber joint of the original cable structure does not have protection or protection have been significantly reduced, so the daily operation work can only rely on the joint protection box, which leads to several failure rate greatly increased.


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