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Application prospect of power optical fiber

Author : admin

Date : 2017-09-08

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1. power optical fiber OPLC will be the first choice for smart grid users. FTTH is an inherent requirement for the development of smart grids. At present, the FTTH rate of the grid is almost zero. Fiber optic composite low voltage cable (OPLC) combines optical fiber and cable to produce fiber optic fiber while laying cables. The gross margin is higher than that of ordinary fiber optic cable. Compared with the mainstream FTTB+LAN, the OPLC based PFTTH scheme can increase the cost by about 40% by only increasing the cost of material less than 10%.
2., the national grid is rapidly advancing power optical fiber OPLC home. The State Grid has selected the first pilot district 10 provincial grid companies to start planning years covering 47 thousand households; at the beginning of July with the China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation. Power grid "only service, no competition" low profile is conducive to the support of three networks related parties. We expect the power grid in 12th Five-Year after the final planning program, the power of optical fiber households will usher in explosive growth. Smart grid and traditional three networks began to converged on the client side, we are about to enter the era of multi network integration.
3., the State Grid will actively promote the birth of OPLC new markets and enhance the demand for EPON equipment. Conservative forecasts, only new residential average annual demand for OPLC will be more than 35 billion yuan (640 thousand km / year), is expected in 2015 the market size of up to 7 billion, compound growth rate of 65%. Currently has OPLC products suppliers only ZTT and Hengtong photoelectric, the move will also enhance the optical communication equipment EPON (Telecommunication) demand is expected.
4., the power sector, a microwave band originally used for communications, will be taken back by the state, so in recent years many power companies have started the construction of optical fiber communication lines and systems. As the ADSS cable used for power communication, the reason why it is favored is that it is attached to the tower of the high voltage transmission line which has been built. It has effectively utilized the high voltage tower resource of the electric power department, and saved a great deal of construction cost


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