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Characteristics of outdoor fiber optic cable

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Date : 2017-09-08

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Outdoor cable simply for outdoor cable, a cable are most suitable for use in outdoor, so called outdoor cable, it is durable and can withstand the external packing exposed to the weather very cold, thick, with pressure, corrosion resistance, tensile and other mechanical properties, environmental characteristics.
The longitudinal waterproof of the waterproof cable is prevented by the longitudinal stop of the water blocking belt
Two parallel steel wires ensure the tensile strength of the optical cable
The tensile strength of outdoor fiber optic cable is larger, the protective layer is thicker, and usually armored (that is, metal wrapped). Outdoor fiber optic cable is mainly used for interconnection between buildings, as well as remote networks.
Generally speaking, outdoor optical fiber cable is only filling material, reinforcing component, sheathing and so on, choose different materials. Such as: outdoor cable directly buried, should choose armored fiber optic cable. When the aerial is overhead, an optical cable with black plastic outer sheath with two or more reinforcing ribs can be selected.
Outdoor cable because of its use in the outdoor environment, so must have waterproof function, outer sheath generally is used by PE material, and its internal structure is generally divided into tubular structure and cutter structure for the center.
From the naked eye, indoor outer sheath is generally yellow or orange PVC material, outdoor is black PE material sheath, from the model to distinguish outdoor, generally have "GY" words.
Outdoor fiber cable: the outer packing is thick, and has some mechanical characteristics and environmental characteristics, such as pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile and so on.
Indoor fiber cable: mainly used in the interior, the main features should be easy to bend features, can be used in the corner and other narrow places, followed by fire, fire, tensile, soft and other characteristics.
The outdoor optical fiber cable is a communication line to complete the optical signal transmission. A certain number of optical fibers form a cable core in accordance with a certain way, and a sheath is sheathed outside, and some also cover the outer protective layer.
Outdoor fiber optic cable mainly by optical fiber (such as hair glass) and plastic maintenance sleeve and plastic skin, fiber optic cable without gold, silver, copper and other metals.


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