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What are the points of attention for outdoor optical fiber installation?

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Date : 2017-11-01

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Outdoor optical fiber is the best way to provide outdoor decorative lighting, therefore, the choice of fiber, in addition to the number of fiber core and fiber types, but also according to the use of optical fiber to select the outer sheath of the fiber. So, what are the points of attention for outdoor optical fiber installation? You might as well follow the fiber manufacturer Corelle communications to understand it!
1. When the outdoor optical fiber is directly buried, the armored fiber should be selected, and the black plastic outer sheath fiber with two or more reinforcing ribs can be selected when the aerial is overhead.
2. The multimode fiber can be used when the transmission distance is less than 2km; the relay or single-mode fiber can be used more than 2km.
3. When building vertical wiring, layer stranding type fiber can be selected; horizontal wiring type, branch fiber can be selected.
4, with the fiber inside the building should be paid attention to in the selection of the flame retardant properties, toxicity and smoke, generally in the pipeline and forced ventilation, can choose the flame retardant and smoke type, selection of flame retardant and smokeless and non-toxic type should be exposed to the environment.
The above is the Corelle communication from the application of the problem, the implementation of the need to be flexible. In fact, the wiring environment is complex and diverse, all kinds of problems may appear at any time, which requires us in the planning and construction in strict accordance with the wiring standards implementation, encountered problems, flexible analysis, will be satisfactorily resolved.
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