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What are the specific steps of installing the wall fiber in the house?

Author : admin

Date : 2017-11-01

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Wall fiber, I believe we have seen this kind of optical fiber lamps and lanterns. It is a lighting system by mirror, light source, filter and fiber components together, can emit a lot of brilliant color resplendent with variegated coloration picture effect, refreshing, Corelle fiber manufacturers will give you the installation steps on the wall Home Furnishing fiber.
1. Installation of optical fiber
As some points of light emitting cable, you can directly through the PVC plastic pipe laying, installation time to keep straight, as far as possible to reduce the playing song, it is easy to cause the bending of curved optical loss, usually turning radius of fiber should be greater than or equal to the diameter of which is 12 times. If it is a light emitting fiber, it is usually placed directly outside the billboard outside the building. The tool is to choose go kart or tie belt to fix, but in bending, the radius of the bend must be greater than or equal to 20 times the diameter there, pay attention to the outside of the building should be waterproof measures.
2. Installation of luminous device
The light emitter is usually installed in a place where it is convenient for staff to operate, easy to maintain and not easy to approach. The indoor light emitting device can be installed directly on the bracket in the electric shaft, or it can be installed in the distribution box with the lock. If the outdoor light-emitting device can be placed outside the special use of the stent can be placed on the line, the same can also be placed outside the rain box with a lock, the wall is installed.
3. Installation of luminous terminal accessories
The final installation of lights, in fact, is the same as the usual installation of lamps and lanterns. Xiaobian not long winded.  Caution should be taken when installing the light emitting lamp so as not to collide. In the process of installation should also pay attention to dust prevention measures.
4. Connection of point emitting optical fiber with terminal accessories
Then the light is special connection kit usually uses optical fiber and light emitting terminal connected together, in order to further determine the normal input light system, installation of fiber should be fully guaranteed port accessories clean, in the whole process should be connected with dustproof measures.
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The above is Corelle communications on the home wall fiber installation steps introduced, although the fiber optic lighting is very tall, but after understanding, we can also install their own, and I hope to help you!


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